3 Day Military Diet Menu !

Weight loss is a journey which seems easy to start or when we think about it but it is not an easy process because we may lose our motivation in the middle of our journey. It is seen that people make monthly plans to start diet and exercise but they may not be able to stick to it. Therefore it is not a good approach to make lengthy diet plans to lose weight. Instead, you can do something like weekly diet plans so that you can easily follow and may not lose your motivation in the middle of a strict routine.

I would personally like the short one because it is easy to follow and you don’t have to wait for too long to get the results. In today’s video, I would like to share with you 3 days diet plan which helps you to lose 10 pounds in three days but you have to stick to your routine and no cheating is allowed. If you do this with a firm belief in yourself then you may be able to achieve your goal. See, everybody has got different metabolic rate so you can expect between losing 7 to 10 pounds with this diet chart.

Day One:

Breakfast (300 Calories)
Half Grapefruit
1 Toast Slice with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 cup tea or coffee and water

Lunch (160 Calories)
A half cup of tuna fish
1 toast slice
1 cup of black coffee or tea

Dinner (770 Calories)
Meat 3 ounces
One cup of beans (green beans)
A half medium apple or 1 small apple
Half banana and one cup vanilla ice cream

The total calorie count of day 1 is around 1400 calories which is pretty much acceptable because you don’t have to be strict on your body. The menu perfectly works for as it is a mix of everything so you can easily follow the day one diet chart. The first-day diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates, drinks, fruits and ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth. Now we move on to day 2.

Day Two:

Breakfast (182 calories)
1 egg in any style such as an omelet, boiled or half fry
One toast slice and half banana

Lunch (297 calories)
One cup of cottage cheese
5 saltine crackers and lots of water

Dinner (660 Calories)
2 pieces of hot dogs (buns not included)
One cup broccoli
A half cup of carrots
Half banana and half cup vanilla ice cream

Now the total calorie count of day two is almost 1200 calories which lower as compared to day one because we have to get close to our target. Day 2 is the most difficult day for most people and there are chances that they may quit the diet. However, you have to keep yourself motivated because you are half way to your goal.

Day Three:

Breakfast (370 calories)
1 small size apple
1 slice of cheddar cheese
5 saltine crackers

Lunch (130 calories)
1 hard-boiled egg and 1 toast slice

Dinner (340 calories)
One cup of tuna fish
Half banana and a half cup of ice cream

Day three is the final day of military diet and you have to follow a strict diet routine during the day. If you feel hungry in the middle of the day then drink lots of water because it will make your body stay hydrated and satisfy your hunger as well.

This diet plan is made in such a way that it will boost your fat burning process. You have to stick to the diet for 3 days consistently. I recommend that you should weigh yourself on the first day and then on the morning of the fourth day. Believe me; you will notice a lot of difference in your measurements. It always depends on everyone's metabolism because each one of us is different. Some may lose 7 pounds while others lose more than 10 pounds. If you lose fewer pounds then you can always repeat the diet according to your interest. Experts say that this kind of diet is not a long term solution for weight loss but yes, it will help you to start your long journey because you will get lots of motivation through this.


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