please check that link is all about fiber foods that will help you in loosing weight and also keep fit.

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first of all sorry for editing mistakes.
this video is all about detox diet.this full day diet plan help you to reduce up to 2 kg in 1 day.this is also a detox diet so it will be help full to flush out all your body toxins
this is very easy and self tested diet.
lets start our diet plan

8 a m;- one glass warm water with half lemon and one t/s honey
10 a glass orange juice or one glass warm water
12 ;00-green tea
1;00 -1;30- carrot juice or green mung dal one medium bowl
3;00- milk tea without sugar
5;00- beetroot juice or mix fruit juice -1 glass
7;00 – black tea
9;00 – 1 glass pineapple juice or looki (bottle gourd) juice
10;00 – green tea

that is my detox full day diet plan .this is my self tested diet.
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