Losing 3 kg in 1 day is quite possible if you follow certain things.

This task is easily achievable no matter what your purpose is,

But you should make a note of it that, This can be done or should be done only once.

You cannot do this 3 days continuously or every day hoping to lose too much weight very quickly.

That is totally wrong and should be avoided under any circumstances, as following this method daily is risky for your health.

But, before I start explaining the crucial things that are to be done.

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How to lose 3 kg in 1 day.

Number 1

Increase your water intake.

Drinking enough water can keep you hydrated and also will help you stay far from starving very often.

The recommended daily water intake is around 1.8 liters and exceeds to somewhere near 4 liters.

Make sure you are drinking at least 1.8 liters of water in a day.

Also, keep in mind not to over drink water to an unhealthy level as it can be harmful to your body.

Number 2

Cut your sodium intake.

Sodium is also one of the key ingredients that you should keep a track of.

The less sodium you eat the better chances you have to lose your weight very quickly.

The recommended daily sodium intake is 1500 milligrams. Try to consume less than 1500 milligrams, or even if you completely remove sodium from your diet, it is beneficial.

Processed foods are one of the main sources of high sodium.

Foods such as cereal, cheese, frozen vegetables etc should be avoided.

Foods which have little or no processing are good to eat.

Example salads, fresh sea food, fresh fruits and vegetables etc.

Number 3

Reduce or cut your starch intake.

Starch is also one of the factors that will help you lose weight.

Reducing or even completely avoiding starch rich foods will help you obtain your weight loss goal.

Foods high in starch such as Pastas, bread, rice, potatoes, french fries etc are to be stopped consuming,

Number 4

Stay physically active.

By the term stay physically active I mean doing exercise or walking for a few minutes after dinner.

Or taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

And any small things that you do which will help you burn your calorie is beneficial.


This seems quite simple but following it strictly will help you lose 1 kg.

Also, do not do this every day, as it can be harmful to your body.

Have patience, it will take time to show the results, as your intestines are still filled with the things that you ate in the last 48 hours.

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