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The E-Factor diet provides you with a straight forward diet program of what you need to be eating, how much you need to be eating daily, and when you need to be eating. It is the perfect solution for anyone that is looking to lose weight and improve their overall health. The good thing about this diet program is the proven fact that it can work with just about anyone regardless of individual circumstances.

“Endothermic” is the mixture of 2 words. “Endo” describes your endocrine and immune systems. “Thermic” describes foods that burn off fat naturally! Endothermic foods burn up to 25% more calories all through digestion than other foods. By including these food types in your daily diet, you may increase the hormones that slow aging and accelerate fat reduction with The E-Factor Diet because food is the greatest medicine in terms of shedding fat, restoring your hormonal balance and slowing the aging process. In the event that you follow this plan, you'll eat your way to a leaner, younger body.

Hormones have an immediate effect on your fat burning capacity, mood, growth and aging.
The “fat-burning” hormones are part of the endocrine system, which is part of the power of The E-Factor Diet. You coax your hormones back into action through eating, not starving, the fat off.

“Normal” foods you had been told to eat for breakfast do not only kill your energy levels but also make you overeat carbohydrate-rich sugary foods in order to sustain that energy you were suppose to get. These naturally increase your fat-burning hormones so that collections of fat on your body: face, hips, belly, arms, legs, become fat-burning fuel!

Protein is an “endothermic” food. Protein will help boost the hormones that slow aging, and speed up fat loss, all while assisting you in building more lean muscle which will give your body more energy on a day to day basis. In short, protein feeds your muscles so that you can become healthy, strong and shapely while stimulating your endocrine and immune systems and providing you steady energy. Through the years of assisting others in their health and fitness goals, John (the creator of the E-factor Diet) have seen that most people simply don’t get enough protein. In fact, increasing protein is even more important than cutting carbs. Unfortunately most people do not even realize they don’t eat enough protein and it is killing their metabolisms.

If you are looking to stay or get lean, energetic, strong and healthy, then protein should be in your fridge at all times for easy eating. Protein allows your body to heal itself. Protein is also what makes your muscles grow and muscle is what keeps you lean. You need lots of protein to build and maintain muscle. The E-Factor diet will show you just how much protein you need, and an easy way to keep track of it.

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