Breatharian Diet

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Breatharian?


Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Breatharian? 

 One might often dream of pulling off any sort of miraculous feat mainly for the thrill of achieving something that the vast majority of humankind thinks is absolutely impossible. Such a feat would be beyond belief, and an amazing breakaway from the rather limiting and restricting “belief systems territory” of this materialistic and highly judgmental world.


 Another entirely different reason is the fact that so many of the Earth's precious resources are wasted and polluted in the production and transportation of food, especially meat. It is amazing just how much of Mother Nature's land, forests, animals and fish are used up and/or destroyed in the production of food to sustain billions of people who would otherwise starve from undernourishment.

The personal cost is quite high too: such as having to earn the money to buy the food, the time and energy spent preparing it, the dishes that need washing afterwards, the business of having to go to the toilet and eliminate it, and even worse are all the diseases and discomforts associated with eating and overeating. If there were a mass global famine, God forbid, billions of people would suffer a terrible death from starvation. However, anyone lucky enough to have considered and mastered the art of inedia or breatharianism would barely  be affected!

The food has to be grown, raised, hunted, gathered, and/or produced in one way or another. Everyone on Earth is spending a huge portion of their lifetimes preparing and eating food while having to spend billions and billions of dollars a year in dental and medical expenses, dental and medical insurance, etc. just to alleviate the suffering caused by the free-radical damage that calories do to the body. The rare, thriving and successful breatharian is surprisingly healthy, without any of the countless annoying problems so often associated with the eating of food.

Those genuine breatharians who have successfully been able to sustain their bodies with little or no physical nourishment are often the healthiest, brightest, most vital, most spiritual, and most loving people who ever lived! Scientific tests on their body cells yielded startling evidence of none or very little aging in all the vital organs throughout the body. One 82 year-old breatharian yogi's brain for example was exactly like that of a 25-year-old's. He could also walk as much as a hundred miles in a day.

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Knowing that there are obvious benefits to being a breatharian, unfortunately, it appears that God seems to give this gift only to a very scarce selection of people. The rest of us must either give up the idea entirely or undergo a very, very long, careful and gradual reduction in food consumption starting with a vegetarian diet, then a raw food diet, a fruitarian diet, liquid diet, and finally only water before being fully dependent on nature's quantum energy or prana. This process may need to take as long as 15 to 20 years. The frequency of quantum energy is so high, there needs to be some way to step it down to levels that can manifest a direct form of nourishment and hydration for the physical body and a means for the spirit/mind/body to create, attract and/or conserve its own minerals.

If this process of gradual elimination or reduction of food intake is by even the slightest degree too rapid, one can get into serious trouble. Fortunately, most would start feeling unbearable hunger and have to back off. I have been trying to do this process for years, but only managed so far to get to a 100% liquid diet. To remain optimally functioning and not lose any weight, I need to blend in a complete spectrum of all foods and nutritional supplements to my liquids! If the beneficial effects were not as wonderful as they are, I simply would not try it at all, after all, not many people would be too thrilled about drinking their food all the time! Hopefully, someday, I will reach a vibrational state high enough to become free from the need to eat altogether, and of course all of its corresponding problems such as all the expense, effort, energy and time required.   The other side to the idea of inedia is the spiritual element which should be the most important reason. When one fasts on alkaline or alkalized water for the purpose of detoxification, one tends to feel much lighter and more energetic. I feel a great surge of sexually transmuted pranic bliss in every cell of my body. This effect is most beneficial for the one who longs to live close to or in communion with Spirit and for the purpose of deeper meditating. I get very excited these days whenever I only think of meditating! I feel so complete within myself only because I am living a pure lifestyle of feeding the soul instead of the outside senses.



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